Black Man Darnell Hicks Framed For Shooting 2 LA Cops

Black Man Darnell Hicks Framed For Shooting 2 LA Cops

Yesterday, we reported that two Los Angeles police officers were shot in the head. The incident was caught on camera and has since been making rounds online. However, it appears a Black man has been framed for the shooting.

A Black man from Compton California is fighting back, after members of the alt-right and people on social media are accusing him of being responsible for the shooting of two Los Angeles sheriffs.

One of the most prominent voices of the radical alt-right, Ian Miles Cheong, named a Black man from Compton as the police’s “top suspect” in the shooting. Ian named Darnell Hicks, a 33 year old man from Compton, as the alleged suspect.

That caused an avalanche of speculation mostly from racists and white nationalists online that Darnell was guilty of attempted murder.

But Darnell is claiming that he had absolutely nothing to do with the cops shooting and that he’s being framed. The police seem to agree with Darnell. They posted on Twitter that he’s not a suspect.

Darnell claims that he now feels like he’s in danger. Law enforcement has leaked pictures of his car, along with his home address and fingerprints online.

Written by Raps-Up

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