DaBaby Blasts Trump Campaign Message: “F*** YALL”

DaBaby Blasts Trump Campaign Message: “F*** YALL”

Most Black people do not like Donald Trump and they don’t hesitate to make it known. Couple of Black celebrities have also been using their platforms to campaign against Trump’s re-election.

Amongst those is DaBaby, the Bop rapper recently shared a post on Instagram page, publicly showing his disdain for the Trump Administration and Campaign. 

DaBaby shared a screenshot, wherein he received a message urging him to “Reply YES to join Trump and receive important messages.” A furious DaBaby wasted no time in firing back at the message, telling the sender: “F*CK YALL”. 

Apparently, the sender got the message loud and clear, replying that: “Donald J. Trump For President: You have been unsubscribed and will not receive any more messages.”

Baby then shared the short conversation with an angry caption that reads: “Who gave bruh nem my number ?”.  The post has since garnered almost 600K likes.

Bruh isn’t taking a chill pill…

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