Jane Fonda thinks George and Kellyanne Conway must have great sex

Talk about political positions.

Jane Fonda thinks George and Kellyanne Conway must have great sex given the couple’s drastically different political views.

Famously liberal Fonda was talking to Howard Stern about her former friendship with right-winger Jon Voight, and said that she couldn’t continue to be friends with someone with such drastically different views.

The conversation then turned to the marriage of staunch Trump acolyte Kellyanne and her husband George, a long time Trump critic who co-founded the Lincoln Project to get POTUS voted out of office.

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“I don’t understand how people who are on extreme opposite positions politically can live together. I just don’t know how they do that,” Fonda she said Thursday on his SiriusXM show.

Stern said of the Conways, “How are they pulling that off? They must be killing each other.”

“They must have really good sex,” said Fonda, “It must be the sex that keeps them together.”

She also offered some insight into her own relationships. Stern asked her if sex can keep a couple together.

“Yeah,” she said enthusiastically, “You bet.”

However, perhaps Fonda’s wrong about the Conways. Both of them recently announced that they’re taking time away from their political careers to focus on their family.

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