Joe Budden Allegedly Masturbates His Dog In Cyn Santana’s Legal Papers

Joe Budden Allegedly Masturbates His Dog In Cyn Santana’s Legal Papers

Joe Budden has been making controversial headlines lately and amid his alleged domestic accusations, the podcaster is trending again over claims that he personally masturbates his dog in an Cyn Santana’s alleged legal papers.

Joe’s ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter claimed that the podcaster assaulted her. And his ex Tahiry Jose recently claimed that the podcaster allegedly assaulted her.

Not long after a phone call of Cyn accusing Joe of chasing and dragging her leaked, more information was released from Cyn Santana’s alleged court documentation, which explains Joe’s problem with substance abuse and more.

In the twenty-fifth section of the court documents, Cyn allegedly speaks about Joe’s relationship with his dog. People are understandably running to social media and discussing what is said, picking apart the retired rapper because of it.

“Defendant has a male dog whom he loves and showers with attention,” allegedly writes Cyn in the legal paperwork. “While most of Defendant’s interactions with the dog are appropriate, I have observed on several occasions one particularly bizarre behavior by Defendant.”

The statement continues, “Without putting too fine a point on it, suffice to say that Defendant has not only expressed concern for the dog’s lack of a sexual partner, but has personally assumed responsibility for relieving any pent-up canine sexual tension. Defendant, for reasons I cannot fathom, has personally masturbated the dog.”

“Defendant repeatedly states that he sees this function as his responsibility since there are no ‘b-tches’ around to provide a sexual outlet for the dog.”

While we can’t tell the authenticity of these legal documents, folks on Twitter have been roasting Joe Budden over the accusations. See some reactions below :

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