King Von Responds To Famous Dex’s Boxing Challenge

King Von Responds To Famous Dex’s Boxing Challenge

King Von and Famous Dex have been trading shots on social media for a while now. And it seems they’ll be settling their differences in a boxing match as initially proposed by Famous Dex.

It all started when Famous Dex took to Instagram to air out his thoughts on rapper King Von, calling the rap out for allegedly giving Tekashi 6ix9ine aid in the city.

But the Chicago rapper later changed his tune, claiming that he’s not trying to kill anyone but that, if King Von is down, he’d be happy to get in the boxing ring to hash it out.

King Von… no beef bro. We can get some Socker Boppers. Socker boppers! Socker boppers!” Dex said, referring to everyone’s favorite inflatable boxing pillows for children.

“I’ma bop your ass,” he continued. “It’s not about being scared, it’s about being smart. Why do we wanna kill each other when police are already killing us? I don’t wanna kill nobody, bro. Let’s get that out of the way. I don’t have beef with King Von, no I don’t. You win some and you lose some but you live to see another day,” he said.

King Von has now responded to the challenge and he doesn’t seem scared. “For everybody that don’t kno me I been beating ass my whole life,” King Von tweeted. “In and out of jail. And I hit hard as hell. I’m jus throwing this tweet out there. Carry on.”


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