Mulatto Accused Of Colorism For Calling Her Brown-Skinned Friend An “Orangutan”

Mulatto Accused Of Colorism For Calling Her Brown-Skinned Friend An “Orangutan”

Buzzing female rapper, Mulatto, is currently getting dragged by furious Twitter users following accusations of colorism after she called her stylist friend an “Orangutan” on Instagram live.

Mulatto’s stage name has been a thing of controversy. Fans have called out the biracial rapper several times for using the term as her stage name. Her real name is Alyssa Stephens.

On Tuesday, Mulatto, real name Alyssa Stephens, once again found herself in a messy accusations of colorism after a video surfaced online. The XXL freshman was getting her hair done in the clip when she made the remarks.

“This my assistant and my hairstylist and my best friend and my pet f*ckin’ orangutan.” Later in the video, her friend tells her to stop complaining because her hair is almost done. “Your p*ssy is well-done,” she said.

Regarding the fact that her friend is brown-skinned, folks online are accusing Mulatto of being a colorist. Orangutans are great apes native to Indonesia and Malaysia, usually Brown in color.

Mulatto doesn’t seem to be moved with the backlash as she’s continued to promote her music. “I mean…what did yall expect from a woman named “mulatto”,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Mulatto has a terrible stage name and she done said this weird shit about her dark skin friend. lol she can rap but i just can’t. this is too much now,” another user tweeted.

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