Top 7 Video Editing Software For 2020

Top 7 Video Editing Software For 2020

2020 Top Video Editing Software

Every brand strives to create an impressive digital footprint today through a variety of sources to tap and engage the audience. To attain a better conversion rate while selling products and services online, creating high-quality videos is the key to success today. However, investing in videography or hiring an agency for making videos would be a costly affair.

To impress your audience and encourage them to buy from you, it is quite essential today to rely on the best video editing software. You can get an online video editor through reliable sources to create product and brand videos that minimize the hesitation of visitors to place an order.

The video editing software would allow you to choose from hundreds of relevant templates and edit them to include your business information.

Here are our picks for Top Video Editing Software for 2020:

1- Vimeo: If you like to make product promos and videos using well-designed templates or like to start from scratch, Vimeo has both the options for you. You get ready-to-use templates for your ad videos in a variety of sectors like fashion, retail, food and beverages, tutorials, sports and fitness, and most appropriate templates for various social channels as well.

The features include:

You get Smart Editor to let you include your contact information stylishly.
The software offers tremendous video marketing tools to spread a word about your brand easily.
It provides solutions for every size of business.
Available For: Windows and macOS.

2- Wondershare Filmora9: If you are looking for the best video editing software with a simple drag and drop interface and user-friendly video editing tools, this software would be a perfect choice. You can enhance your product and service videos using over 200 spectacular effects. You can uncover different facets of your creativity with Hollywood effects. This software allows you to import and export videos in almost any format.

The features include:

You can edit videos with minimal effort.
You get 4K video editing support.
You can make the most out of the text and tiles, music library, overlays, filters, transitions, and effects to enhance your videos.
You can share your videos on different types of platforms like HD, TV, online, and handheld devices.
Available For: Windows and macOS.

3- Movie Maker Online: Your search for a free movie maker video editing software with a library of royalty-free video templates and images would end at this software. This is a phenomenal video editing software that has many features to take your product videos, promos, and ads to the new level. Importantly, you can get all the benefits without any need for registration. There won’t be any watermarks on the videos either.

The features include:

You get enormous video editing tools to implement your creativity while making the most enticing videos.
You get various effects, tools, and templates to make tremendous videos.
You can add files and text through a variety of sources like PC, smartphones, tablets, and Facebook to further edit and create fantastic videos.
Available For: Windows, macOS, Linux (on the browser)

4- Adobe Premiere Rush: Adobe brings this latest app to cater to all your needs related to making eye-catching videos and sharing them with different digital platforms. This has both desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly versions compatible with different operating systems. Thus, you can create and edit videos on the go. You get a user-friendly interface and magnificent video editing tools.

The features include:

This is among the most user-friendly video editing software to create and share videos on social media.
It provides great multi-channel access. So, you can create a video on one device and edit the same on another device seamlessly.
You can create a video right from this app.
Available For: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

5- Avidemux: Avidemux is built by professionals from across the globe as it is the result of an open-source project. This video editing software offers tremendous features. Yet, it is free to use. This is a functional platform built through code from various sources. This software is not designed for the pros in the production houses. Yet, it has tremendous features that assist newbies to create wonderful videos.

The features include:

It offers basic video editing tools in a user-friendly interface.
It is completely free to use.
It supports various video formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, and ASF.
Available For: Windows, macOS X, Linux, BSD.

6- Davinci Resolve: Davinci Resolve is a video editing software designed for the pros. This has various advanced editing features to take care of various needs of professional video makers and editors in the production house environment. It has tremendous features that let the professionals collaborate on a project through their cache files and let them maximize the overall performance of their system.

The features include:

It allows users to protect their projects through user rights.
You get a library of 500 Foley sounds to enhance your videos.
This video editing software offers tons of advanced editing tools.
Available For: Windows, macOS, Linux.

7- Promo: If you are a sensible marketer looking for a video editing software that claims to be the best for your video making and marketing purposes; this software would be a wonderful selection. This software offers thousands of royalty-free, ready-to-use templates. Again, you can enhance the video by manipulating the text colour, size, and font; adding music and relevant images.

The features include:

You can access this software online. So, it is easy to use.
You can get a free trial for a short period.
User-friendly interface with easy editing features.
Available As: Cloud-based video editing software.

The Bottom Line:

You need to equip yourselves with the best movie makers to make stunning videos that would win you business by attracting your audience. The best software briefed in this article would hopefully bring a great deal of ease to your video marketing campaigns.
Save on your investment in modular videography apparatus and costly software in your production house. Get any of the best video editing software cruising through our picks and give wings to your video marketing endeavours today!


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