Travis Scott’s giant Chicken McNugget pillow is now reselling for $450

This is one lit pillow.

Travis Scott fans are going sicko-mode over a 3-foot-long Chicken McNugget themed pillow the rapper is selling in conjunction with his personalized meal at McDonald’s.

Last week, Scott and the fast-food chain went viral when they launched a collab meal. Fans can pull up to a drive-thru, tell the worker, “Cactus Jack sent me,” and get a quarter-pounder with cheese and bacon, fries with barbecue dipping sauce and a Sprite, for $6. It’s available until Oct. 4.

In addition to the food, the “Astroworld” rapper, 28, sold personalized Micky D’s-themed merch on his website, including the $90 McNugget Pillow — though the entire collection has since sold out.

Download below 👇

Other items from the collection included $290 denim shorts and a $40 “Smile clutch” (which is just a Happy Meal box with a special print on it).

While McDonald’s will be restocking soon, hungry fans can’t wait for the collectibles. On StockX, a popular merch resale website, the pillow can be purchased for a bid of around $450.

T-shirts, beanies, key rings and masks from the collection can also be found there, for a high price.


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Written by Marisa Dellatto

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