Tyrese Gibson Says He Never Got Any Attention From The Ladies

Tyrese Gibson Says He Never Got Any Attention From The Ladies

Tyrese Say’s “I Just Never Felt Attractive” While Revealing Effects Of Colorism During His Childhood

Popular actor Tyrese Gibson, recently took a bold step to recount his life difficulties while growing up. Tyrese admitted that he mentally and emotionally struggled because he was teased about his darker skin.

In an upcoming episode of TV One’s Uncensored scheduled to air Sunday, the actor explained how experiences with colorism and constant criticism shaped who he was as an adult.

“I had never felt a piece of handsome,” the grammy nominated singer admitted in a preview clip. “I had never felt a piece of being cute. I had never heard compliments throughout my childhood. I never got any attention from the ladies.”

“I caught every joke in the dark skin community ever. I was Black, burnt, tarp. I was all teeth and eyes. I was blurple. Black and purple and I just never felt attractive, ever,” Tyrese said.

Gibson revealed that his professional success helped him partially work through the trauma of the teasing he endured.

“And after I had that moment, it did more for my confidence than you could ever imagine because it was a high that I would hope to experience for the rest of my life,” he said.

The actor however thanked “the favor from the Lord Jesus Christ” for seeing him through. Listen to him below :

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