“You’re Not Officially Black & Successful Until They Call A ‘Coon’

“You’re Not Officially Black & Successful Until They Call A ‘Coon’

Kanye West once made headlines following his Twitter rants earlier this week. The Presidential candidate called out Drake and J Cole, demanding for a public apology after couple year of beefing.

Ye also claims he’s the Moses of this generation. However, a particular tweet caught Terry Crews attention and he couldn’t help but live another controversial comment on it.

In one of Kanye West’s tweets, he wrote: “I have the utmost respect for all brothers … we need to link and respect each other… no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own.” And a Twitter user responded that there would be an “incoming” from “Black twitter calling you the C-word just like they did with Terry crews.”

And that was when Terry Crews weighed in, saying you haven’t made it until you’ve been called a “coon,” per his response to the Twitter user. “You are not officially Black and successful until they do,” he replied.

in July, Crews was dragged on Twitter after giving his acronym for the “coon”. Crews tweeted, “CONQUER OUR OWN NEGATIVITY”.

About a month ago, Rick Ross dissed Crews on the track “Pinned to the Cross.” “Terry Crews is another c**n who was basically bought,” Rick Ross raps at the end his first verse on the track.


Written by Raps-Up

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